Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, we got started on our Sled Dog unit today. We read some about the history & types of dogs used...Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Inuit/Eskimo & the Alaskan Husky. We found Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, etc on the globe. Then we wrote out some vocab words & cut them out to go in their lap books. Vocab words included: Booties, freight dog, gang line, handler, hitch, Iditarod & lead dog. After that, Michael & Alli took turns reading to me about Balto & looking at a map of the trip he made across Alaska from Anchorage to Nome. Ashley & Jon are doing this too, but a little more independantly.....reading the history & stuff on their own & looking up MORE vocab words, etc.

Jon, my big outdoorsman, is reading 'A Look at Life from a Deer Stand' now. I happened to remember that Maw had given this to Clay several years ago so I went searching the bookshelves for it. Thought it might just be something that would interest him now & sure enough......went up to bed the other night & there lay Jon in his bed reading this!! Also heard him telling Clay about one of the stories in it where an older guy was out hunting & saw a big ole buck & actually got so excited that he had a heart attack.
Well, I need to get in here & finish putting together my menus for the week & my gorcery list.

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NETT said...

I used to have an excellent article on the Iditarod. It was one of my favorite nonfiction units. I found the article in the USA today close to the time of the race. They have a lot of articles online for print and so does National Geo Kids.