Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Few Days!!

Jeepers....yesterday & today have been just crazy stressful! It all sarted last night when Michael, Ashley & I ran outside to stop Bootsie & Bunny from fighting (our two big male cats). Me, trying to wedge my mop in between the Bunny ran under the van, Ashley stuck her hand down to hold Boots back & he lit into her! Scared the you-know-what outta me. Took her inside to wash her arm up & put some peroxide on it & I could just see how pale she was. Was so scared she was going to throw up or pass out on me. And of course Clay isn't home during all this...he's over at my uncle's house. Just about the time I go to help her sit down at the kitchen table, she just collapsed on me. Didn't totally black out, but she just crumpled to the floor in my arms. Laid her out on the kitchen floor....she said it felt good...nice & cool. Put a cold rag on her head & told Chris to sit with her while I ran next door to get Clay. She was OK after her arm cleaned & put some neosporin on it & bandaged it. Gave her tylenol & all that good stuff. She seemed fine after a bit, but I was still just a wreck! Took her this morning & spent forever out at the health Dept. getting her a tetnus. She's doing fine now...says it hurts some, but it looks MUCH better today. And the tetnus shot hasn't seemed to phase her! PTLSeems like I just don't get the time to ever sit down & scrap during the week anymore. I've gotten all these new goodies for my BD & haven't really gotten a chance to 'play'. So I MADE myself sit down tonight & make at least ONE card. (I need to make some Valentine's anyway). This is what I came up with....copied an idea I saw in my new 'Take Ten' book. I love how it turned out!


NETT said...

Oh my...send ashly my love-I'm glad she is okay...I almost lost a finger one time from my cat.

Robin said...

I'm glad Ashley is okay, that is scary to get caught in a cat fight. Been there done that many years ago and it was not pretty. Good to know she is doing well and you are okay afterwards.