Friday, February 01, 2008

Pictures of the Day...

Ashley says these first two pics are especially for Kaye.....How cute is this.....Ashley snapped this right as Bunny was licking his chops! Ha!
Jon & Jovi watching TV.....he's got his chin resting right on the arm of the couch so he doesn't miss a thing.

Just few random shots I took in town today. It was a pretty nasty day out! The roads were fine, but as you can see, there was ice hanging off of everything! Chris' classes were on a 2 hour delay which meant he only ended up having one class today. So, I let him skip.....he hasn't missed ANY so far & I figured with Amherst Co. & Nelson Co. schools both closed, the professor would know that the weather was yucky up this way. So, I ventured out on my own to get some groceries & go to Sam's. Sure was nice to finally get home where it was warm & dry!! We had tacos for supper tonight...easy-peasy. Supper was done & the kitchen all cleaned up by 6:35! All is fairly quiet around here right now. I really SHOULD hop over here to my scrap table & work on something...I also want to finish up crocheting my fingerless gloves AND reading my book. I came so close to finishing it last night, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Will report back later with what I actually get done tonight.

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Kaye said...

Tell Ashley I said THANK YOU!!! I love kitty pictures!