Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sportsman's Show

Just thought I'd share a few pictures that Clay took at the Sportsman's show this afternoon. He said Michael was a little bored, but he & Jon had a blast. I guess Jon's just a little older & more INTO it all now. BTW....he made a point to let me know this evening that he wants a bow for his 13th birthday.
Pics of Clay, Jon & Michael with Lee & Tiffany from the TV show 'Gettin' Close'. Clay said they are just the neatest, most down-to-earth couple. They were more than willing just to talk & visit with everyone. Signing autographs & taking pictures. He was REALLY impressed!

Some of the cool Taxidermy displays!!

And while they were enjoying their Sportsman's adventure, we enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon at home. Chris & I watched the first Harry Potter movie...I had never seen it before & really wanted to watch it after reading the book. The girls didn't care anything about it & played video games together upstairs while we watched our movie. After that, I managed to get this week's challenge done at ASF......use a song title/lyrics on a layout. That is just right up my alley.....LOVE using music on my LOs! This LO is titled 'He Hung the Moon'. I took this photo one afternoon on our way home from town.....the moon was SO BIG & full in the afternoon sky...really cool-looking. I was just kind of sad that it didn't show up better in the actual photo. BUT, as I looked at it at Sams.....I decided to print it out anyway.....because this song just popped into my head. Hadn't heard it in ages, but the picture just triggered a memory. A song written by Kirk Talley-
'He Hung the Moon'
In the beginning of time, He was the Creator. Into existence He spoke the heavenly blue. And with one mighty swoop of His hand, he threw out the stars, He knew where they'd land. So, if you think you're just drifting along, then I have good news.
And if He hung the moon, I know he will help you. And if He holds the sparrow in flight, He'll hold you too. Consider the lilies of the field, How much more he loves you. In the beginning of time, You were on his mind, When He Hung the Moon!

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Do they have the show every year?