Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's not Friday YET?????????

Another busy day today!! Clay & Jon were super busy with trapping yesterday.....getting traps up & so forth for the weekend plus they had several critters to skin out....a possum & two racoons. They came in long enough for supper & then spent the rest of the evening over at Skippy's. I remember Clay coming to bed around 1am & telling me what a natural Jon was with the skinning of these critters...better than he was even! Now, I'm proud of my boy, but like I need to hear all this at 1am! ;-P Then he told me that Chris had remembered that he didn't have English today.....which meant a 9am math class & then nothing until he was going to skip math & just go to Spanish. So......after all this dialogue at 1am.....we were all able to sleep in just a bit this morning. That is if you call 7-something sleeping in?! Anyway, I got to take Chris along with Jon & Michael to town today......they've been wanting to go to 'Game Stop' & do some shopping & Clay needed to be home between 1-4pm because the Animal Control lady was going to stop by & check on our 'Rabid' Bootsie cat.....not really, but we have had him penned up since Ashley got bit last week. Ashley is fine & our cat is fine too, but anyway....gotta play by the rules. So, we hit Target today, Game Stop, Walmart.....because Clay also sent me there to get two tires for him to put on the van, but of course they didn't have what I needed. Grrrrrrr! Stopped by the PO & then the library before coming home. I'm tired, I tell ya! Clay & I 'tag-teamed' when I got back......he left to go somewhere else & get tires for the van fussing all the while that he had wasted his afternoon waiting for the Animal Control people to come & they hadn't showed. Needless to say he hadn't been gone long at all when there was a knock at my back door.......the Animal Control lady! PTL, she was REALLY nice. Went down to look at Bootsie....asked if he was eating/drinking ok & then we chatted about kids, animals & homeschooling for about 30 more minutes. Ended up getting her name & number so I could call & set up a time to bring our little homeschool group for a field trip to the animal shelter. Now how cool is that!! The Lord can take something stressful & turn it into a blessing! Fixed us some breakfast for supper tonight & now that my kiddos are 'nestled all snug in there beds' (where in THE world did THAT come from??! Ha!) I think I'm headed upstairs myself. Need to finish getting my menu planned & my grocery list together then read for a bit. 6:30am will be here before I'm ready for it. ;-P

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Wanda said...

Hi! Glad the cat is okay and glad the lady was nice. Hope your Friday goes smoothly. Have a great day! HUGS!