Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Day/Sad Day

Good Day.........the girls & I had a great time shopping today. Went to Target & Ashley got a new top, Alli bought yet another Barbie & I got two little stuffed bunnies to tuck away for Easter treats & some VDay candy that was 75% off. Next stop was Steve & Barries....exchanged Chris' backpack for him & picked Jon up another pair of jeans for $8.98. By this time we were starving, so I got Alli Chickfila & then we went over to to Subway for me & Ashley. Ran into Game Stop...right next to Subway...& returned a game for Jon. To the mall real quick to check out the clearance racks at Aeropostale.....not too many deals, but Ashley did get a cute pair of PJ pants for $5.99. Back to Sams to print some pictures & our last stop was AC Moore where Alli bought a velvet poster to color & Ashley & I got some new stamp pads, a couple of Easter stamps & a few patterened papers. After we picked up Chris, we ran by the library. I had some books due back today, plus a few that were on hold for us. Ashley's book 'Jacob Have I Loved' & the 4th Harry Potter book for Chris. My other ones for our unit are 'on their way' coming from other libraries in our area. Will get those in a few days. Stopped at the PO to mail some letters/cards....was feeling all proud that I had gotten ALL these little running-around-errands done today & remembered that I forgot to get milk! DUH!!! Guess we will just have to eat waffles in the morning & I'll pick some up when I go out. I can't remember EVERYTHING!!

Sad Day..........when I got home Clay told me that his mom had called & his Grandpa Bunner passed away early this morning. The funeral is going to be Saturday in Rockport, Indiana. It's not going to work out for all of us to go, so right now, Clay is planning on leaving Friday morning early & coming home Sunday, weather permitting. Just pray for traveling mercies for him as he goes!!

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FlippyHolz said...

Sorry to hear about Clay's grandpa. What a blessing that he got to enjoy him for this long though.