Saturday, February 16, 2008

Monkey Nuts

Yesterday was a normal Friday for me.....drop Chris at class & then do the grocery thing. I was so amazed coming through the check-out grocery bill was about $20 UNDER what it normally is, but get this.......I had added a few extras that were needed (sheets for Ashley's bed & new tennies for Michael) & was dreading how much it was going to be. PTL for how He takes care of us! I had prayed going in that I could find a REALLY good deal on the sheets & shoes because they were things that I REALLY needed to replace. How about a whole twin set of flannel sheets for $9 & tennies for $9.87!! I was doing a 'Happy Dance!'

Kinda took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. Clay & Jon were out doing traps......did I mention that Clay took off this weekend. They are trying to really 'Work It' as far the trapping goes....just about another week left is all. Then, he accidentally found out (from a flyer in Hardees) about a Sportsman's show this weekend over in Fishersville. So, it worked out perfectly.....he already had taken the weekend off, so they trapped all day yesterday....will check those traps this morning & then he will take ALL the boys & head off on their 'Sportsman's' adventure. I'm thinking the girls & I might scrap or watch some 'Girly' movies this afternoon.

We made our Monkey Bread dessert last night & it was a huge hit.....for everyone except Michael....he said he didn't like it. Go Figure. Clay came up with a new name for it......instead of Monkey BREAD......he called it Monkey NUTS! He had the kids laughing so hard. I got the idea for making this after reading Korin's blog-Inky Doodle-so thanks to her for inspiring me! Thought I'd share the recipe here for anyone who might like to give 'Monkey Nuts' a try. ;-)

4cans (10ct.) biscuits
3/4c. sugar 2tsp.cinnamon
1c. brown sugar
Combine sugar & cinnamon in small bowl. Cut biscuits into quarters. Roll biscuits in cin/sugar mixture til coated. Place in a greased 9x13 baking dish. Melt butter, brown sugar & remaining cin/sugar mixture over med. heat. Pour over biscuit pieces & bake at 350 for 25-30 mins. Serve warm!


Nett said...

I'm going to try monkey nuts the next time I'm at Mom's. Mike and I really don't need to eat the whole pan!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! I just happened upon your blog and this post... I am flattered that I inspired you to make Monkey Bread (nuts)!

I sure could go for some right about now!