Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life Lessons

I read this quote on Dana's blog & loved it.....told her I was going to 'steal' it.

'Many are schooled but few are educated.' ~Thomas Moore

That being said, we didn't do school using Text Books was all about those 'Life Lessons.' You know, stuff that comes along that wasn't planned. After some prayers & discussion this morning, it was decided that Jon would go with Clay to Indiana for Grandpa Bunner's funeral. Chris will miss classes on Friday because Clay will be driving the van, but he's staying here since he has plenty of school work to keep him busy PLUS studying for his SATs next weekend. Jon was the next choice & honestly, it will help ME out too. Taking one of those 3 youngest out of the mix will make my weekend at home with the kids MUCH more manageable. Jon, Michael & Alli have the ability to drive a person batty if they spend TOO much time together. ;-P Glad for Clay having some compnay on the trip too. So, all that said........I had to run do a little shopping today. Thankfully Clay was good to go as far as clothes were concerned, but I needed to get Jon a new pair of shoes & a couple of new shirts. In my flurry to get out the door.....after this last-minute decision was made.....I just rinsed & stacked all the breakfast dishes & went on. Didn't even say anything to Ashley about doing the dishes...just figured I'd tackle the kitchen when I got home. Well, what a nice surprise to come home & find all the dishes done & the table wiped down, etc. Life Lesson #1 accomplished! What a good feeling to know that I can leave out of here & Ashley can just step in & keep things going for me!! Life Lesson #2 was accomplished when Clay & the boys came home from cutting/hauling fire wood all afternoon. They unloaded a whole pick-up load of wood & stacked it on the front porch & in the wood pile by the garden. They were tired & hungry by supper time, but I told Clay (& the boys) what a good feeling to know that my kids weren't lazing around the house all day doing nothing....they were out WORKING, doing their part to help the family & on top of it all they were enjoying one another's company & learning that you can make your work be FUN! They are tired & sore tonight, but it's a good tired!!! I'm so proud of all my kids! Jon & Clay left after supper to go finish skinning out the coons that they didn't finish last night. Hope they won't be too late. I KNOW they are both really tired & they need to rest up before their long trip. Well, I'm headed up to bed soon....will have to get up early & take Chris tomorrow so I can go get some groceries.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

I'm proud of them too!