Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris & Maw!!

Chris & Maw share a birthday......Maw is 68 today & Chris is 19. Hope you guys have the BESTEST birthday ever!!
Just a few pictures from my BUSY day yesterday. Here's what I did:
~Baked Chris' chocolate cake
~Baked Maw a fresh coconut cake (Memaw's recipe)
~Picked Chris up from class
~ran by the bank
~Picked up Chris' new glasses from the eye Dr.
~Stopped by Maw's house for a quick visit
~fixed baked ziti for supper
~finished up Maw's gifts & wrapped everything

As far as school goes....my brain works like Dana's does, so yesterday we did Home Ec & Math. For Home Ec. I taught the girls
~How to substitute applesauce instead of oil in a cake recipe
~Let them watch/help make syrup by boiling water & sugar
~Watching how egg whites & cream of tartar turn into a fluffy meringue (I'm guessing these last two could kind of double as science too.)

Then last night I had the oppotunity to teach Jon about percentages. He is plotting how to spend some of his money at the video game store & he was wanting to know how much a $10 game would cost if it was 20% off or 25% off. So, I snagged the chance & he was MORE than eager to sit down with me & figure this all out! I'm sure it will stick in his head much better this way than just going thru the exercises from a stuffy old math book! ;-)

Along with with the Home Ec & Math, we had arts & crafts...the kids have been busily making all kinds of goodies for Maw for her BD! They can come up with some of the cleverest ideas!! And at one point yesterday, I thought about Dana again as I delivered her speech on the family unit & how we work together to clean up messes that weren't necessarily made by us!

Anyway, yesterday was a full day & I'm sure today will be too. We've already had our traditional BD cinnamon buns & coffee for breakfast. Chris is off to class & I need to get the kitchen cleaned up & get a shower because the girls & I are off to take Maw her gifts & have lunch with her. Then tonight we are taking Chris to Pizza Hut for supper...his favorite! THEN, Sunday after church we are all getting together at Maw's & she is getting an ice cream cake to celebrate ALL the recent birthdays...Daniel, Anna, Alli, me, Chris & Maw. Will share some pics from our day later on.


Robin said...

You had a busy day yesterday and sounds like a fun day today. That coconut cake looks so good that I could almost taste it. That is one of my faves.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday Chris and Maw!

Juliet Diley said...

Just wanted to say I want a piece of that cake! I'm taking a blog stroll tonight! Have a great one!

FatcatPaulanne said...

I was laughing at your blog today! I love it that someone else thinks like me! It sounds like you all had some good math and home ec lessons.

I would have liked to have heard that speech! Did your kids appreciate it more than mine did?

Sandee said...

Oh my gosh. When a friend told me I could substitute applesauce for butter/shortening in a recipe, I decided to try it one night when she and her hubby came for dinner. Only, I did it on my apple pie crust!
The crust was so stiff, it would hardly roll out. After it baked, it was like chewing on rawhide or I was thinking like those dog chews.
I told her it was her fault for telling me it would work. She MEANT to tell me in cakes it works. Well, we ate the apples from inside the pie for dessert that night.