Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We had a really fun day!! It was SO nice outside....unseasonably warm with a high of 72! We had hoagies at Maw's for lunch while the kids played outside on the swings. Then Maw opened her gifts & we had cake & ice cream. I mentioned earlier about all the cool things the girls were making for Maw.....Ashley copied the pencil holder that Kaye did for me & made one of her own for Maw. And then she found this cool idea in her Brio magazine & made this folder for her too.
Alli, Daniel, Michael & Anna playing....Ashley was being the photographer.

New Rascal Flatts cd!!
New cell phone! WooHoo!
And the chocolate cake that is STILL sitting on the kitchen table UNtouched becasue everyone was so full after supper.


Robin said...

What a cute folder. I just got over wanting coconut cake and now I want chocolate cake. Thankfully I can't smell it or I'd be in big trouble.

Kaye said...

I want some chocolate cake!!!!

And I love that folder!