Monday, February 25, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck If..............

You bring 'Road Kill' home with you from your trip to Indiana! These boys with trapping on the brain....I tell ya. These critters were covered in pretty well-preserved & they had garbage bags to put them in, so.............Jon couldn't wait to take them over to Skippy's building & show him his 'Prize'.
Jon doing his thing......skinning out a coon. This boy's a natural!

Some pics from this past weekend at the funeral. Back row L-R: Clay's dad, brother Brian, Steph's son Hunter, sister Stephanie, her daughter Caitlin, her hubby Mike & Clay. Front Row L-R: Clay's mom, Steph's daughter Christie, her twin Brittany & Jon.

These are the Bunner Great Grandkids....the ones that I know are on the back row starting third from the left, almost totally hidden is Steph's daughter Christie, Hunter, Brittany, Jon & Caitlin.

The Bunner Kids....Grandpa Bunner's nine kids. L-R: Jon, Jeff, Melanie, Stanley, Jade, Kenny, Mitchell, Leslie (my father-in-law) & Steve

And last, but not least is this shot from Christmas. That shows you just how often I use my FILM camera anymore. These were STILL on that one roll of film that I got developed today. This was taken Christmas evening at Maw's house. L-R: Anna, Ashley, Alli, Michael, Chris, Daniel & Jon.


FatcatPaulanne said...

Are they coyotes?

Kind of cool, but kind of yuck if you know what I mean.

We're not the hunting kind of rednecks. We're the kind who mow our yard and find a car. Lol.

Amy said...

LOL about mowing your yard!