Monday, February 11, 2008


Terrible winds yesterday!! Lost power about 2pm & didn't get it back on til about 8am this morning. Tons of limbs down in our yard, blew the whole top out of the cedar tree by the back porch just BARELY missing our van (although it DID bend the antenna). Blew over our basket ball goal. Fire down by Buddy & Ena's house....started in that little shacky house right across the tracks from them. We heard it was started because they were burning all that wind......what WERE they thinking.....obviously they WEREN'T!!! Pretty scary! Plus fire on the mountain back behind Joe McGrory's. That burned on into the night....we could see it glowing up over top of our lawn mower building.

I scrapped all afternoon...working on my Valentine goodies.

6pm came & STILL no power so we 'pretended to be pioneers'. I fixed grilled cheeses on the wood stove & also Philly steak & cheese sandwiches for Ashley, Jon & me.

Played Uno, Scrabble & LOTR Monopoly til about 10pm.

Jon kept us all entertained or annoyed whichever the case may be. Imagine a house with NO noise except for Jon practicing his turkey calls!

Or him telling us he wished he had a glo-in-the-dark marker....he'd color himself ALL over & then hide upstairs & wait for us to find him. He's such a goof.....he's MY Jim Carey. ;-P Some other random comments that kept us laughing:

'My eyeballs threw up!'

and the kids singing-
'I have a head
it ends in a point
pointy, pointy, pointy'....................Patrick singing on Sponge Bob

The cats were WILD yesterday morning!! Jovi & Squirrel were romping thru the house, playing with each other & anything else they could get hold of. The kids told me it was because of the wind. I asked WHY they said this & they said they had learned it from Animal Planet. Cool! Then actually to be able to SEE it reinforced in real life. Life lessons. *Note to self....wonder if the wind also causes children to be WILD & crazy?!? My guess is YES!

Trying to finish resizing my pics now & will post them in the morning. I'm off to my cozy warm bed to finish reading my book now.

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