Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well, the boys ended up NOT goint to the Sportsman's Show today after all. They decided it was such a nice day that they'd rather spend the afternoon setting more traps & then go to the show tomorrow afternoon. Clay took a few shots of Jon doing his thing out there this afternoon...pretty cool to see them working hard & enjoying the outdoors PLUS spending time together! And like Clay said....even though they're not having a very good year this year, he wants the boys to learn perseverance. To keep at it, doing their best until the season is over. Like it says in Ecc. 3:1-'To everything there is a season.....'

So, while they were off setting traps all afternoon, the girls played games together upstairs, Chris watched a movie (in peace, I might add) & I actually got some scrapping done! Two layouts shown below & the other one is a Design Team assignment that you can check out when the March newsletter comes out at ASF.

'I Win'....the kids started playing the YELLOW car game awhile back. For every yellow car you see, you get 1 point.....whoever gets the most points wins. BUT, if you see a Yellow automatically win! Game over. I spotted that yellow hummer on Clay's BD while the two of us were out Christmas shopping. Thank goodness I had my trusty camera with me & a hubby who was willing to circle around the parking lot so I could get the perfect shot!

Our friend Rodney took this pic of Clay & Chris at a Panther's game back in November, 2006. They went down one Monday, went to the game with Rodney & Josh, crashed at their house overnight & came home the next day. Fun times!!

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