Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We ended up postponig our homeschool VDay party until next week. Maw & Anna have been sick (cold/fever) & now Sarah has it too, so we thought it best NOT to share the germs with everyone!!
We finished up our Valentine unit today. Wasn't nearly as long or in depth as our sled dog unit, but still educational all the same. The kids learned about (1)the History of Valentine's day & about St. Valentine,(2)the different symbols associated with VDay (& how secularized this christian holiday has become) & (3)the three differnet types of Biblical love: Eros, Phileo & Agape. Some of the scriptures going along with this unit were: I John 4:10, John 3:16 & John 15:13.
I ran by Target this afternoon & picked up some candy treats for the kiddos...some Krunch hearts, conversation hearts & heart-shaped suckers. Then when Clay & Jon got back from trapping this evening, Clay got Chinese for supper. Yum! We decided to hold off on our dessert....we had such a late supper that no one really felt like eating dessert, so we'll just continue our celebration tomorrow by having Monkey Bread & coffee.

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Nett said...

Hey-Monkey Bread...I want that recipe too!