Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's the coffee?

Boy, I sure could use a cup right about now!! It's 8:14pm & I'm fading fast here. Been up since 5:45am this morning. I am neither a morning person nor a night this is getting to me. I like to go to bed between 11pm-midnight & get up around 7am. Anyway..............Clay & Jon got off about 6:30am this morning. And I got a text this afternoon at 4:13pm saying they were there...they made it in 8.5 hours. Glad they are there safe &'s just quiet here without them & I miss them!!!

Been working some this afternoon on some 'stuff' for next weekend's cyber crop at ASF. Finally got past my 'block' & was cruising along when the kids decided they were hungry & that it was time for supper. Now the 'Butt Magnet' has a hold on me here at the computer. I don't know if I'll be able to finish things up tonight or not. Night time is NOT my prime scrapping time. I prefer the afternoon MUCH better. At least I have my ideas jotted down & will be able to get it all done by tomorrow at least.

Totally off the wall here......besides the fact that I think Michael & Alli NEED to go to bed EARLY tonight!!! He's pestering the fool outta her & she is SCREAMING at him. Arrgghhh!!!!!!!!!............Where was this train of thought going? Hold on while I grab my coffee...................ok, back on track, sort of.......We were talking about books we've been reading today for school. And Ashley was talking about trying to read three books at one time. When I asked what she was reading I was pleased to hear that she had already started on the book that I got to go along with our Ocean unit....'Jacob Have I Loved'. When I asked how much she had read, she said she had read 8 chapters already! I was SO tickled!! She's also reading the LOTR trilogy & Nancy Drew. She's finished reading all the Nancy Drew books that we had here & had to move on to the library for the rest of the series.

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