Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forgot to mention the deals I got yesterday at 'Good-a Will' (that's what my niece, Anna calls it). I spent $14 & got a pair of brown slacks, two light-weight sweaters & a cute spring-weight jacket. I was really tickled!
Well, after our late start this morning......I picked Chris up & asked how his History test went & he said it had been cancelled! The prof decided to cancel ALL his tests today since they were on a delay.....just to keep all his classes kind of on-the-same-page. Sure felt bad for him....he had spent all his time last night & this morning studying for History at the neglect of his Spanish test.....which ended up being the ONLY test he had today. The good thing is that in Spanish...if they don't make a 100....they get to take a retest each time. So, he will get a chance to better his grade. Math test will be tomorrow & History test has been bumped back to Friday now. At least that took some of the pressure off!
Clay had told me that he & Jon were going to cook up some rabbit that they had for lunch today along with a grouse. My only request was for them to clean up the kitchen when they were done, so I didn't have to come home to a big mess. I know Clay.....he cooks like Julia Child! YIKES!! Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home....the kitchen looked really nice. I was impressed. It wasn't until later that Ashley spilled the beans.....SHE had cleaned the kitchen up for them! Now her daddy DID pay her $2 to do it, but she did an awesome job! I can remember back to her TomBoy days......when she didn't want anything to do with helping in the kitchen. I felt so bad hearing my SIL talk about how her girls could cook up a whole meal on their own & clean the kitchen up like you wouldn't believe. I REALLY did want my kids to learn the basic domestic skills, but at the same time didn't want to push them so they absolutely HATED it, KWIM. Anyway......nice to see how it all falls into place when the time is right! She's still not so keen on cooking, but I'm sure she'll learn. She can fix what she wants WHEN she wants & doggonit, she can sure whip the kitchen back into shape just as good as I can! And it REALLY does help! Also kind of enjoyable actually.....the two of us working in there together to get things cleaned up after supper.
I was just thinking as I was fixing supper tonight what a nice feeling it is to be cooking up something yummy for your family. Kinda gives ya the warm fuzzies inside. Here are snippets from my evening:
~music playing on the radio-me singing along ;-P
~the girls chatting away as they worked on craft projects in the dining room
~Chris & Michael upstairs playing something together
~Jon & Clay out chekcing traps & working on the scooter
~supper waiting on the stove for my hungry family: Roast chicken, mashed taters, ronis, creamy chicken rice, green beans & biscuits. is good!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

That's funny that he paid your daughter to clean up! Men!