Friday, February 08, 2008

Grocery Day

Well, today was the usual Friday......take Chris to class & do Walmart & Sams. Was really nice being home with all the groceries put away by about 2pm. Thought I had all afternoon to do some scrapping, but ended up watching a bit of TV with Alli instead......I sat down & was just SO dang sleepy! Felt like I could've taken a nap. After supper I worked on the rest of my Valentine's. Got the cards I just need to finish working on my 'treats'.
Ashley did a little computer studies for her school last night. She was wanting to send some pictures to her friend, Logan. So......I taught her how to resize the pictures in my photo program & then how to 'attach' her photos to the email she had written. She was very quick to learn & very proud of her accomplishment afterwards too!

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Wanda said...

I have not even THOUGHT about Valentine's Day (you probably remember my saying that it is my LEAST favorite of all "holidays." This year the Beauty and Beau pageant is that night, so that's where we all will be. I love your cards. Have a great day!