Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here's a layout I finished up yesterday...had to wait for the glitter glue/paint to dry before I could scan it. Just a few of my crochet projects that I worked on this past fall. Kind of hard working with these wild colors, but I think it all pulled together ok in the end. That pic of Alli totally cracks me up....she was so NOT happy about modeling for me! We are still battling the crud around here. Clay's eyes are still a mess. He will definitely be staying home tomorrow. Ashley & I might just go to church & leave the others here....will just have to see in the morning.
Not a very busy day around here today...for which I am so very grateful...just needed a day to stay home & do nothing. I did manage to catch up on all the laundry....of course once I thought I was all caught up, everyone went & took showers tonight & now I have a NEW pile to do. Guess that's why they call it the never-ending chore!
Read a little on my new book...the Circle of Quilters...scrapped some...worked on a new crochet project...still trying to work the kinks out of that, but I think it will be fine once I get the hang of the pattern. Fixed home-made pizzas for supper tonight & now the guys are in there watching football....have been all evening. Think I'm headed on upstairs to read now.

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Me said... the layout! I wish I could crochet and knit again, but my hands just won't let me! Great stuff!