Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'I'm Not....'

Over at A Scrappin' Friendsy, the Design Team has to come up with challenges for each week or as we call them 'Design Team Dares'. This week was MY week to post a challenge & I had the perfect idea.......I stole it from Chris' first English assignment. He had to write a paper containing 15 sentences about himself & all the sentences had to start with 'I'm NOT...' I thought that would be a fun journal prompt for a scrapbook page. I modified it a bit & asked for just 10 sentences..........so how 'bout it......y'all give it a try! If you leave comments, leave me with a list of 10 sentences describing yourself beginning with the words 'I'm NOT'. Here's my list.....

I'm Not...
~a city girl
~a good singer
~a leader-I do better working behind-the-scenes
~a big sports fan-unless it's watching my boys play Little League
~Fancy/high-maintainence-LL Bean is more my style
~a Starbuck's coffee kind of person-give me my good ole Maxwell House Master Blend
~a 'Green Thumb'-plants don't like living at my house
~a winter/cold person-I'd rather be sitting outside enjoying the warm spring sunshine!

Michael cracked me up this morning when he came downstairs....grabs him a pop tart & heads in the living room to turn the TV on. Not to cartoons like you might imagine, but to channel 606.....to watch hunting shows! Speaking of hunting & trapping....Clay & Jon started in on their trapping adventures yesterday. Jon is SO serious about wanting to trap, so Clay is using this an opportunity for teaching some 'Business math'. He is in on ALL the buying/expenses, etc. this time. And he has a goal.....what he's 'shooting for' (I made a Punny...Ha!) is to make enough money trapping this year to buy himself a rifle to have for hunting season next Fall. I just think that is so cool that he has a purpose & a plan in what he wants to do!! You go, Jon! We had a good day of school yesterday. I sent Ashley & Jon off to read on their own some of the stuff I had printed off for the sled dog unit & to finish writing definitions for the vocab words. While they were doing that, Michael & Alli worked on their 'lap books' down here. Above is a picture I snapped of what Alli has done so far with hers. We have vocab words written on the little green thingies, the purple pocket has a little summary that they wrote about the story of Balto, the little red booklet in the top corner tells of the first uses of sled dogs....for work & transportation & to the left of the book pocket is a little flap-thingie that tells the first two breeds of sled dogs...Malamute & Siberian Husky. We are really having a good time with this unit so far & will end it up later this week by watching Balto & Snow Dogs. we continued our learning last night by playing two games of 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader'. I tell ya.....some of those questions are tough! We had a great time playing though & can't wait to play again. I'll just end by saying........................

'I'M NOT.........smarter than a fifth grader!!' Ha!Ha! ;-)


Kaye said...

1. I'm not fancy. I don't like fancy food or fancy restaurants or fancy clothes. I'm perfectly happy eating at McDonald's in my jeans and sneakers.

2. I'm not a finisher. I am GREAT at starting projects. But finishing a project? Rarely happens.

3. I'm not a deep thinker. I'm just not.

4. I'm not a dog lover. I got attacked by a dog years ago and now dogs, of all sizes, make me very nervous.

5. I'm not thin. I've got no one to blame but myself. I eat too much crap food. Like McDonald's. And candy.

6. I'm not a coffee drinker. Coffee is gross. Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke are so much better!

7. I'm not a good housekeeper. I want to be one, but...

8. I'm not a hard worker. I'll admit it -- I'm LAZY. I don't like being lazy.

9. I'm not really 32. That's just what I tell people.

10. I'm not one who easily forgives. I can hold a grudge for years.

Amy said...

Thanks for playing along, Kaye! I especially LOVE #9! ;-) And I guess I'll forgive you for #6 too....I can handle Dt. DP, so I'll be sure & stock up before you come to visit!

Me said...

Figured if I got this done here Amy I may could actually SCRAP your challenge!!! What a concept!

1. I am not a blonde anymore, much to my dh's dismay. Although I am getting more blonde highlights put into my hair tomorrow than I normally do.

2. I am not at my goal weight, but I am actually back to working on it!

3. I am not a "coke" drinker unless it is diet and I prefer caffeine free.

4. I am not a high maintenance girl nor am I low maintenance but rather somewhere in the middle.

5. I am not lazy. I always have some project going on above and beyond my normal everyday chores.

6. I'm not an animal person, but when our dog passes I know I will be so very sad and will miss her. I tear up just thinking about it. She is really getting old!

7. I'm not a loner. I like to have other people in my life. But there are times that I do enjoy quiet solitude.

8. I'm not shy. There was a time in my life when I was painfully shy. I still have moments though that I have to push myself.

9. I am not a writer and do not enjoy writing unless its on a message board to my friends. Or I guess my blog works too. Nothing formal for sure!

10. I am not what I would consider smart or above average intelligence. I do however like to learn and do new things. I never want to be too old to learn!


FatcatPaulanne said...

I enjoyed the "I'm not" post. I'm not fancy either. Not a finisher. Not skinny. Hey, are we related?

Sandee said...

1) I'm not slow moving; my 4 siblings accuse me of stealing their energy.

2) I'm not afraid of life; I had a dream for over 40 years to travel to France and tried saving many times until age 59, decided I needed to fulfill my dreams. I went for 3 months. What a journey!

3) I'm not at my goal weight, those carbs just keep calling my name!

4) I'm not a dog lover; for some reason, they scare me. I love my horses and cat.

5) I'm not young in age, but certainly am in spirit and attitude.

6) I'm not single; been married to the same man for 38 years.

7) I'm not a slacker; if you want something done, just ask me, (everyone else does!)

8) I'm not disorganized; my fabrics are color coordinated and my spices are in alphabetical order. This not because I'm obsessive, it's because I get frustrated when I can't find things.

9) I'm not a couch potato; I don't enjoy t.v. much so I'm usually in my spare room quilting, painting or typing something.

10) I'm not afraid to get up and walk out of a movie theatre if I don't like the movie.