Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ok, I got a Wild Hair this morning after reading Kaye's blog. I started in the bathroom & cleaned out my little cabinet, drawers, make-up basket & all. I didn't take BEFORE pics, but did take a couple AFTER I finished.
After the bathroom, I cleaned off the top of my dresser(will tackle my drawers & closet later), my night stand (drawers & shelf included). Cleaned out from under Alli's bed....even cleaned out her toy box. Threw a pile away & had several bags of shoes & clothes to go to Good Will. Vacuumed ALL of upstairs. Came down here & cleaned out all the computer desk drawers & then started on my scrapping stuff. Have cleaned out two drawers of scrapping stuff PLUS gone thru my WHOLE stash of patterned paper. Boy, that feels good. Will get back at it again tomorrow. Off to watch movie with Ashley now.


Sherri said...

I love it when I get on a roll like that. I had a steroid shot today for bronchitis. While I still feel bad from the chest pain and difficulty breathing, the shot has filled me with so much energy. I couldn't stop straightening up and doing house stuff tonight. I finally had to stop when everyone went to bed. I so wish I could have had the shot in the middle of the day....I would have put it to such good use!!!

Kaye said...

Good for you, Amy!!!! Doesn't it feel awesome to get so much done??

I had wanted to do so much this week, but was sidetracked by an injury (I pulled a muscle when Morgan and I were at the beach on Sunday), but I'm hoping that this weekend and next week I can really get a lot done.

The more I do, the more motivated I am to keep working.