Thursday, January 10, 2008

Found the File Folders

Yay!! I tore the place apart last night searching for these dang file just made me mad because I KNEW that I had just bought a new pack of them right before Christmas & they couldn't have gotten shuffled away too bad, ya know. Anyway, was sitting here at the desk this morning & just prayed, Lord help me THINK & remember where I put these things. I got down on me knees once more (had done this real quick like last night) & looked up UNDER the desk.....sometimes stuff will catch & go over the back side of the drawer & drop onto the floor......anyway, sure enough, there they were. Guess I just missed them somehow last night. I had put them in the drawer with the computer & notebook paper & I guess with the kiddos constantly in that drawer digging around, they must've shoved stuff back over behind. Feeling much better now.....hate when you KNOW something is around & just can't remember for the life of you WHERE it is or what you've done with it. I guess Clay would say I'm just getting OLD, but I beg to differ!!!!!!! YOU try keeping up with FIVE kids & a hubby see if you don't forget where you put things now & then!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

I hate looking for things I've lost and I have to do it all the time! I'm glad you found 'em.