Monday, January 14, 2008

Layouts from yesterday

Here's a couple of layouts I did over the weekend. I'm sure Kaye will enjoy all my kitty pictures. ;-) The top one, Ashley took of Bunny sitting out on our front stoop. I tea-stained the background paper & then used Wild Saffron for all the rest. The alpha stickers are Basic Grey. The bottom layout is just several random snapshots I had......running out of clever cat titles too.....thus the title 'Just Bunny'. These papers are all Wild Saffron also. The title letters are chipboard letters that I picked up from the dollar bins at Target. Didn't have any of the right colors so I sanded & painted them, then added the little glitter glue bling as accents. OK, off for now to study some more about Sled Dogs. Will post some pics of what we get done later on.


Kaye said...

I opened up your blog and said, out loud, "Oh!!! Bunny!!!!!"

Bunny is so pretty.

I'm mad at Pierre right now. Can Pierre come live with Bunny?

Amy said...

Oh goodness, KNOW Ashley would take him in! She is always saying how she wants a 'Bad Boy' cat like Pierre. What did he do?

Kaye said...

He peed.

In my office.

In a box of stuff for Mason's album.

I was NOT happy.

Luckily, I caught him in the act and was able to save almost everything.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness....LMBO!

Kaye said...

You should have been here for supper last night.


We sit down to eat. I had just taken my first bite of food. And all of a sudden I hear a noise. A peeing noise!

I look over and Pierre is peeing in a box on the floor!!! I start yelling. Greg jumps up and grabs him. The boys are dying laughing. Greg is holding him up in the air and HE'S STILL PEEING!!!

Luckily this box was empty. Greg grabbed it and threw it out on the deck. I had to clean the floor. The boys are hysterical. Pierre is just sitting there like "What?? What did I do?????"

I don't know what his deal is with the cardboard boxes. Normally he loves them -- loves to sleep in them and play in them. I'm not going to let him have any more boxes for awhile.

Amy said...

Oh gosh.....and I thought your earlier post was funny!! So glad I didn't have any drink in my mouth at the & Ashley BOTH were about to die laughing!!