Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bits & Pieces of My Day

Made apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast this morning * washed two loads of clothes * scrapped some * worked on the Design Team challenge at ASF * fixed home-made pizzas for supper * Cut Michael's hair * cleaned up the kitchen * and now, here I sit.Ashley took this picture of Jovi to show Kaye.....said he was posing just like Zip! ;-)
This is what I did for Ken's challenge at ASF. A cute little Valentine decoration. It's cut from heavy cardboard & then painted. The quares were punched from my scraps & then I started plundering through my stash for buttons, stamps, felt, ribbon....anything to decorate the little squares & give them a Valentine theme. I LOVE how it turned out & I now having it sitting on the shelf in my scrapping room.

Just a fun layout I did of Ashley...'Yougurt Please!' LOVED this picture that Ella took of her & I also loved the little doodled note that she left me yesterday morning as I headed out grocery shopping. Thought the pic & note were the perfect combo for a 'Moment in Time' layout......ya know; fave pic, the cute little note (in HER handwriting) plus the little glimpse it gives into what her favorite snack is these days......My Ashley Girl at 14 years old! And if you can't quite the bottom of the note is an eye, heart, U.........I love you, mom! Love you too, Ashley!!


Kaye said...

We should trade cats! I'll take Jovi, and you can have Pierre. Jovi and Zip can pose together.

Pierre is laying on the computer desk right now. I think he's taking a break from being bad. LOL!

Love the layout and the Valentine project!

Penny said...

such a great lo! and what a fun project for Ken's challenge!

Sandee said...

On Ken's Challenge, it reminds me just slightly of the Attic Window quilt pattern. Check out this site and you'll see what I mean.
I just love your cuttin' and gluin' projects! It reminds me of my quilting. You cut and glue pieces back together and I cut and sew them back together. (Are we nuts or what?!)