Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!!

What a way to ring in the New Year....I've got pink eye & most likely a sinus infection!! Calling the Dr. here in a bit as soon as they open. And anyone that knows me, knows that I must be feeling pretty rotten to even think of going to the Dr! The girls & I went to Anna's BD party Monday afternoon & my left eye started bothering me then...had gunk in the corner & by the time I got home, it looked terrible. Then by yesterday afternoon, the other eye was bad. I did manage to get all the decorations down & packed away yestetday. Now if can just get Clay to drag that naked tree outside, everything will be back to normal. Clay & Chris are going to buy books tomorrow & then it will back to classes on Monday. I guess I will see how the rest of us are doing as to when we actually start back. I had planned on Monday, but Jon's had this crud (on the mend now though), now Chris, Michael & I have it. Blech!!!!!


Kaye said...

Oh no!!! I hope it clears up soon! I've never had pink eye, but I remember when the boys would get it. Yuck!

Penny said...

hope you feel better!!!

Sherri said...

I hate the pink eye. It's so hard to deal itchy and all and so contagious! I hate to see in your post above that it has indeed spread throughout the house :(. I hope everyone is well soon!
We were going to start back on Monday too, but it's Madison's birthday. We will be starting back on Tuesday.