Monday, April 06, 2009

-Day 96- Was peeling potatoes at the sink last night, getting ready for supper. All was calm....the boys were outside messing around in the building, Ashley was reading & Alli was doing what she LOVES to me in the kitchen. She LOVES to batter the chicken when we have fried chicken. It was just one of those 'Aaaahhhh' kind of all is well with the world.....buzzing around my kitchen with my girlie helping me get supper ready. And that's when I decided what my picture of the day would be. I told Alli just to ignore me & keep doing what she was doing. It just does something to my heart to see my 10 yr. old being able to prepare fried chicken for the family supper. And knowing that Ashley will be there when Alli's done to make the biscuits....that's HER specialty now. She LOVES to do the biscuits. Wonderful teamwork. This is homeschooling at it's best!!!


Sandee said...

Can Ashley and Ali come visit me for about a year or two????

Shelly said...

It never fails! Whenever I need a lift from all of life and the daily things we go thru, I come to your blog and I get encouraged!!:)
I love the pic of Allison getting the chicken ready for supper. It brings back memories of Danielle when she was that age and doing those things. Such precious times. Ask Ashley if she will teach me how to make biscuits PLEASE!!!:) I never could get the hang of making good ones. I never had a good recipe, I think. Sorry to write you a book but you do always make me smile when I come to your blog. Hope to see you soon. I love all you guys!!