Sunday, April 19, 2009

Granny Square Afghan

-Day 109- I finished off my afghan yesterday evening...the first ever afghan that I've made for ME. I love it!! -Day 108-
Since it was such a beautiful day today...the kids decided to let Jonsie try out his outdoor cage & begin to get used to it. Usually he stays in their bedroom. They had fixed this up on the backside of the building to protect him from the sun...fixed him his food, water & even picked him a big ole pile of clover. I guess it will take some getting used to, because he really didn't enjoy his day outside at all. He was more than happy to get back in his cage & come in at the end of the day yesterday.


Sandee said...

Your afghan is beautiful. I'm still working on the quilt that is going to be for me....I'm in year 7 of it now. At this rate, it won't be finished for another 7.

Babydoll said...

Can you teach me how to crochet please!!! :)