Saturday, April 25, 2009

Field Trip

-Day 114-
Just thought my bunch of carrots in the colander was kind of pretty. I buy the big 2lb. bunch at Sams & then cut them up & store them in a plastic container in the frige. Very convenient for snacking & salads & what-not.-Day 113-
The girls & I took a walk after supper...well, Ashley & I walked & Alli rode her you can see from our shadows on the between Skippy & Mason's house.
The girls & I had a fun 'Girly Day' today while the guys went to Smith Mt. Lake to watch the pros weigh-in at the Bass Master's Tournament. Ashley had been wanting to head back over toward Aunt Linda's house & poke around in all the little antique stores over that way. My pictures here are actually in backward order of the way our day went, but anyways....

I took this pic of the Hurricane Camille marker just up the road a bit from Aunt Linda's house. We want to come back another time & bring a picnic lunch & walk some of the trails over here.

This was actually our first stop of the day & our favorite...The Rockfish Country Store. I remember that we always had to make a trip over here whenever Aunt Vada come for a it brought back lots of memories for me. The girls LOVED the stairs in this old building....the picture above just doesn't do them justice. You walked up a few steps to the landing I was standing on, then up the steps where the girls were sitting & then turned again & went up about 3 more steps....Kind of like a loft in a big old barn. It was way cool!! A very fun AND educational field trip to boot. ;-)

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Sandee said...

I want to go field-tripping with you! Cool shadow photo. Next time you are in that old Country store, take a photo from the top of the stairs down into the store. I'd enjoy seeing what's inside.