Sunday, April 26, 2009

That Little Booger!

Oh my goodness.....let me tell you what Jon did to me last night. Ashley & I were watching a movie & everyone else had gone on up to bed. So, when the movie was over we took our popcorn bowl & glasses to the kitchen. I remembered that I had beeped a thing of tea & needed to stir that up & put it in the frige.....well when I turned the water on, I let out the biggest scream! Ashley came a-running from the living room to see what was wrong & there I stood, dripping wet. That terd(Jon, that is) had gotten a wild hair & put a rubber band on the spray hose & made sure it was pointed out so that whenever someone turned the water on they would get soaked. I know now that he's watched a little too much AFV. LOL He meant it for Clay in the morning when he got up, but I got it instead. I must admit it was a good one. Clay was laying in bed laughing his butt off when I came up there to get a dry shirt. ;-P Life with BOYS....what can I say? They keep it interesting!!!

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