Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 14th

-Day 101- Happy 14th Birthday, Jon-Boy!
Clay had taken today off & he & the boys were supposed to go turkey hunting this morning as it was Opening Day of turkey season. But the weather was still kinda yucky early this morning. So...Jon ended up going with Clay to Bedford to take a concealed weapon's class. They both learned alot & Jon even got to shoot some & the guy was REALLY impressed with Jon's shooting & said he had been taught very well. ;-) While they were gone, I did laundry, mopped the floors, boiled some eggs & let the kids dye them, baked some cupcakes, made ziti for tomorrow's lunch at Maw's house & hemmed my dress. This evening we had tacos for supper & later did presents, cake & ice cream. The best surprise was when he saw Aunt Linda's cake on the table! He was tickled to death & said he had NO idea that we had done that for him, so it was a total surprise!! Sending big hugs to Aunt Linda for an awesome BD cake!!! Now, I'm off to do Easter treats.

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lpwcubby said...

Maybe I'll be rich and famous some day - but better hurry up before I'm toooooo old!

Hugs for Jon's b'day!