Sunday, April 19, 2009

Layouts from Wed.

Finally the finished products from my scrappy day on Wed. 'Fluffy Tush' is the name that Jon came up with for honestly, have you ever seen a cuter tush than this??
Poor Sanji....we put him out after supper one night over Spring Break & that's the last we've seen of's like he just disappeared. Wanda had just sent me an envie full of embellies & in it was a little vintage page from a kid's story book & it was PERFECT for this LO. I used the book title as my page title...'Little Lost Kitten' the little kitty....& I even used the publishing info on the page...just thought that was neat to include, KWIM.

Bunny looks 'Disgruntled' he's saying, 'Don't mess with me!'
This was done for Ken's challenge at ASF last step outside of our box, so to speak & try a technique we've never tried I tore a picture. This was Sarah & I on graduation night. She graduated from Kindergarten one night & I graduated from HS the next night...both from Timberlake Christian School in 1983.
Just a simple LO of Ashley's favorite spot during the winter months. She loves to sit in her yellow chair in the corner by the woodstove & read or scrap. I did this LO using only scraps...other than the background piece, of course. Added a few buttons & some hand-stitching & there ya have it!


Fatcat said...

I like when you share your layouts. You are so creative!

Babydoll said...

I think the fluffy tush is my favorite!! Too cute!