Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shopping Day

-Day 93-
It's hard to believe that when we left the house this moring that it was absolutely POURING rain & this is what it looked like after lunch when we came out of Target...Beautiful! Found some good bargains for Ashley today. In Target she found two pairs of shorts for $3 each. Then we ran to Old Navy to see what we could find there. I got her a pair of jean shorts from ON & a pair of flip-flops for me & Alli. But the biggest deal was this cute winter coat I got for Ashley. She had seen it before & really liked it, but winter was almost over & she didn't NEED it right then, so we decided to wait & see if they would mark it down. It was a black ski jacket with a fur trimmed hood & when we looked at it, it was $20....which wasn't bad BUT we got it yesterday for $6.47!! Talk about doing a 'Happy Dance'! This coat had originally been $65. Just love it when we find deals like this!
Clay took off today because it was the Youth Turkey Hunt today & he had high hopes of Michael shooting his first turkey. But it was REALLY windy last night & this morning....NOT good for turkey hunting. So as not to have a totally disappointing day, they decided to go to Altavista for the big 'First Saturday' they have each year the first weekend in April. I've never been before, but Clay has gone several times to get chickens. It's been years, but we are now the proud owners of 7 chickens & 1 rooster. The guys are out there now making sure everyone is settled in for the night. They had a little patching up to do on the chicken house since it hadn't been used in years, but I think they are good to go for now. They will have to actually get into the pen part this coming up week & get that fixed up a little better, but for now they are cozy in the hen house. I took some pics this afternoon for my picture of the day....will have to resize them & get them on here tomorrow so you can see the latest additions to our family. ;-)

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