Friday, April 10, 2009


-Day 99-

Yesterday was such a grogeous day!! The boys took off fishing for the first time this season...heading to Bugg's Island. So, the girls & I enjoyed a nice boy-free, girly-day at home. After lunch we sat outside for awhile just enjoying the sunshine. Alli came with the wheel barrow & was giving the cats one point she had about 3 riding with her. But of course by the time I got my camera, they had all hopped out. Here, Tuck was chasing after her, looking like he wanted back in again. It was too cute!Late afternoon, we drove over to Aunt Linda's to pick up the cake she made for Jon's BD. The ride over there was SO pretty!! Ashley is ready for another Girly Day of lunch at Vitos & plundering around all the little antique places & shops over that way. When we got home, we fixed a quick supper, watched Jon & Kate & then High School Musical 3. By the time that was over, the boys had gotten home.

-Day 98- Ashley saw the idea for these cute little cupcakes in a magazine...Country Living, I believe. So we made some to take out to our Library Ladies. They were so tickled with their treat!

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