Thursday, November 18, 2010

Duct Tape Wallet

What can I say here.......this is just Jon being JON! He just went & laid across the wood pile & posed for me to take his picture! LOLI'm not real sure what got him started......I think he was saying how his nylon-ish wallet was getting kinda ratty & he needed a new one.....(Hmmmmm.....noted down on the Christmas lists!) when the kids went on their trip to KY back in the summer, their friend Emily, had a duct tape wallet that her friend had made for her. So.........I came into the dining room to find Jon hard at work on his new duct tape wallet. He had even drawn it all out on his dry erase board...with all the dimensions, etc. This boy has a head on his shoulders. ;-) Anyway, here's the finished product......

*note the fake five dollar bill that he inserted with the others.

He even made a special little pocket holder for his hunting license. Can't beat that for ingenuity!!

Michael was the only one that went hunting this evening.......
.......and the only one to shoot something too! LOL This boy has been one huntin' fool this year. I tell ya, he's a die hard!

Just a quick layout I did yesterday of Rocky sitting on the back of the couch watching Uncle Skippy's cows. He loves watchig the BEEF go by!

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