Sunday, November 07, 2010

Starbucks & Ballyhoo

Ashley & I have a new tradition this year of going to Starbucks for coffee on the nights that we go to a play up at LU. Well, Sarah had noticed on Ashley's facebook that we were going to SB & wanted to meet like fun! We've been trying since Fall break to plan a coffee date with Sarah, me & 'The Ashleys'......& it just happened to all fall into place last night. Very spur-of-the-moment.....but I happened to catch Ashley C. online & she said sure, she & Chris would love to meet us for coffee. As it turned was really a kind of rushed coffee break.....but we all got to meet & have some yummy coffee & enjoy a quick bit of fellowship before we had to RUSH off to get to the play on time.
And in all truth, we didn't get there on time.....we were LATE (gasp.....can you guys believe that? WE WERE LATE!!) getting to the play. SO out of character for me. Anyways, it turned out ok......we only missed a tad bit at the very beginning & were able to sneak in & sit back row center with no one on either side of us. It was really pretty nice....we didn't even bother moving up to our 'real' seats during intermission....we just chose to stay put. The play was really good....aren't they all? We just really prefer the musicals....they are always above & beyond! Here's a little excerpt about Ballyhoo from the LU Theater site:

THE LAST NIGHT OF BALLYHOO takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, in December of 1939. Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere, and Hitler is invading Poland, but Atlanta's elitist German Jews are much more concerned with who is going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Especially concerned is the Freitag family: bachelor Adolph, his widowed sister, Beulah (Boo) Levy, and their also widowed sister-in-law, Reba. The family gets pulled apart and then mended together with plenty of comedy, romance, and revelations along the way. Events take several unexpected turns as the characters face where they come from and are forced to deal with who they really are.

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Fatcat said...

A quick coffee break is better than no coffee break. :-)