Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fifty cents & a new tire

A couple more Thanksgiving cards that I made this afternoon.

Yesterday I headed out to town a little earlier than usual. Everyone was still sacked out after their late-night Harry Potter adventure....I was supposed to be meeting Maw & Ella for brunch at CFA at 10am & I wanted to run by the Good Will in Madison Heights first. My story is long so bear with me here. I was wanting to find a nice top to wear for Thanksgiving & to our Thanksgiving dinner at church, so I prayed that God would go before me & help me find just the right thing. So, in I go anxious to see what I will find. I was tickled to death that I had found 3 Tracie Peterson books (in excellent condition, I might add) plus a really cute button-down the front, collared shirt. Pleased with how quickly & painlessly I had found my treasures I went up front to pay for them noting the clock on the wall & that I really needed to hurry so I wouldn't be late meeting everyone. Of course there was someone in front of me & then wouldn't ya know it, but I heard the little lady on the cash register say.....gee, she didn't know what was wrong....she had never had her register do that before! Doesn't it figure.....I TRIED to be patient as I shifted my weight from one foot to the other all the while keeping an eye on the time. I REALLY wanted this nice top....after all God had so graciously provided for me, right.....but I knew I really needed to go. So, with a sigh I set the books & the top down & prayed as I walked out the door......'Well, must have something BETTER in mind for me somewhere else.'
Fast forward through a nice brunch/visit with Maw & Ella, some leisurely shopping at Michaels & I headed on over to Old Navy just to see if I might find something for Daniel for his BD. I wasn't shopping for myself at all. As I went in, I noticed the big signs that said all their clearance stuff was half off!! Yay....that's the way we like to shop. I honestly didn't see much of anything in the little boys section so I mosied on over to check out the ladies.....just in case I might find something for the girls that I could tuck away for Christmas. Well, I happened upon this nice light-weight gray cardigan that I thought might work & it was only $ half of that would be $5.....I could swing that & justify spedning $5 on myself for a nice new sweater to wear during the holiday season. So, off I go to try it on....just to see how it looked on before I bought it. As I went in the girl handed me these special coupons they were handing out. You could get different amounts off when you checked just didn't know how much until the chashier scanned your coupon for you. I loved the sweater so I headed up to pay for it. I listened as the lady in front of me got $5 off with her coupon & I was thinking wouldn't that be something if I ended up basically getting this sweater for free. Well, it gets better!! As the girl rang up my sweater & scanned my coupon, she said, 'you might want to run back & grab another sweater or something because my coupon was for TEN dollars off & the sweater is only $5!' So, I came out of Old Navy with not just one, but TWO brand new black & one gray....& I only paid FIFTY CENTS for both! I was totally floored at God's goodness to me! He most certainly did have something better in mind than that first top I had in my hands at Good Will.

Check out the original price here.....$34.50.........two sweaters......that's $69.oo worth that I only had to pay fifty cents for. I'm still in awe!!!
Are you ready for another God Story? Well, not long after I got home last night, Chris drove up. So glad to have my college boy home for a week!! Anyway, he said he needed dad to check out his car because it had gotten a bad shimmy/vibration & he didn't know what it was. He said one of his tires was a little low on air the other day & he added some, but still this terrible vibration. Clay called me from work today to tell the boys to see if Mason was home today & if he'd maybe drive Chris' car just down the road a bit & maybe he could tell what he thought might be wrong. Clay was hoping that it was just some simple fix with the tires or something. So, as Jon & Chris left to take his car over to Mason's this afternoon I said a quick prayer asking God to show Mason what was wrong & that it would be a simple fix. In a little bit, here they come home again & I met them at the door anxious to hear what Mason thought. Oh, it was simple Jon said...there was just an egg-type bump on one of his tires & Mason had a spare one & so he just changed it for Chris. WOW!! Two days in a row, I am just blown away by God's goodness to us! Mason & Gail are amazing neighbors & I thank God for allowing them to be a part of our lives.

'Giving thanks always for all things unto God & the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.'
~Ephesians 5:20~


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Your story was worth the time it took to read it. Thanks for sharing!

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