Friday, November 26, 2010


How many of you guys used to watch CHIPS? C'mon.....admit know you did!Interesting little tidbit......Erik Estrada's mother-in-law is related to us somehow...somewhere down the line. Related enough that she has come here to our family reunion for years now. the girls & I were standing in Starbucks today waiting for our drinks, I just happened to notice this up on the wall. Ashley said I had commented on it before, but you Wen said today.....after 40, sometimes ya just forget.

I thought that was pretty cool & decided it would be my 'Picture-of-the Day' today.

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Sandee said...

OMg! We never missed an episode. Living in L.A., we even got his autograph on a shiny black and white photo of him! Our girls hung their photos in their rooms for years and years! (Other autographed photos on their walls were Michael Landon's from Little House on the Prairie and Michael Jackson's.)