Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Open Season

School today at our house is all about Biology. I looked out the upstairs bathroom window earlier & saw Michael up to his elbows in blood & guts (forgive the bluntness....but hey, this is everyday life for me living out here in the boonies with a bunch of huntin' men...LOL!) He asked me if I wanted to see the heart......I declined on all the other inner body parts that he wanted to show me. I've always said....we don't disect frogs in our Homeschool Bio lab.....we disect & label deer!Jon shot his deer this morning....they have seen him out there before & had named him 'Pencil Head' because of the small pencil-like antlers he has. Michael found the one that he shot last night. This guy only had ONE small antler....the other one had been broken off. Because of that, Michael named his Elliott. Y'all do remember Elliott, the single-antlered deer from the movie 'Open Season'.

On their way home this morning, they ran into David P & he wanted to give them the buck he shot yesterday! I tell ya.....we are set as far as meat goes this winter. At the present, we have 6 deer hanging needing to be cut up/processed/frozen. What a blessing!! And such is the homeschooling life of these two country boys!
'A country boy can survive!!'

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