Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makin' My List & Checkin' It Twice.....

I don't ever make a Christmas wish list for myself, but this year I had a few things that I was needing/wanting & decided that just for fun I'd post my ideas here.First of all, I've really been wanting a new Bible cover. Mine has gotten pretty sad. I love this green one & I also saw the cutest Vera Bradley ones on ebay. I just might have to put an order in with my 'Favorite Quilter' (wink, wink, Sandee)......I'm sure she could blow Vera Bradley away!

This is the dessert/pie/cake rack I've been wanting. I found it at Target online for only about $16.

And I'd LOVE me some new 'Bean' slippers. Theirs are just the best!!

And below are a few books by Sharon Jaynes that I'd love to have.....

...especially this last one.

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