Saturday, November 13, 2010

One of those days......

Yep, yesterday was ONE OF THOSE DAYS! It all started about the time I came out of the shower & woke the girls up so we could get ready to go to town. It was Friday & we were meeting Maw & Danielle for lunch & doing our grocery shopping. I had told the boys that if they went hunting that I wanted them home by 9:25am so we could leave by 9:30. Well, I had gotten the girls up & was making my bed when Ashley said that someone was just laying on the only my boys would do.........but, I hadn't heard the scooter drive up & so I went into that mom panic mode where you just know that something is wrong. You know what I mean, right? I went flying downstairs only to find both boys at the back door grinning from ear to ear acting like a couple of nuts! Come to find out Michael shot TWO deer.....a button buck & another really good-sized 7 pt! To make matters worse...the scooter had konked on them & they had walked all the way home. Jon is trying to tell me that we need to lay black plastic in the back of the van & go get these deer & all I'm thinking is GOOD * GRIEF * CHARLIE * BROWN.....this is NOT how I had planned on my day going at all! In the midst of all this craziness Jon has the nerve to point out to me that they had indeed gotten home BEFORE 9:25 when I had told them to be here. *insert mom rolling her eyes here!* I ended up calling Clay at work....took the boys over to borrow Mason's scooter so they can get the deer......took the required pics of Michael & his deer.......Clay called back again to say that he's coming home to help the boys & after all this, believe it or not, we were able to finally get out the door & actually made it to Cracker Barrel before anyone else got there. YES!

The rest of my day went pretty smoothly & I had kept in mind that I was NOT going to fuss about whatever mess I might find in my kitchen when I got home.....after all, three men at home all day doing deer can only imagine what I was expecting to come home to. Boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised. The kitchen was spotless! I asked Jon if dad had TOLD him to do the dishes & clean up & he said, nope....he just did it! That boy got a big ole hug & kiss from mom! xoxo
Jump ahead to around 8pm or so.....I was in my comfy flannel jammie pants & my favorite hoodie messing around on the computer getting ready to go watch a movie with Ashley when Clay calls again from remember he had gone to work, left & came home to help the boys, then went back to get his 10 hours in.....only to go out to the truck & it wouldn't start. He tried everything he could & finally had to call me to come get him. So, at a little after 8 I threw on a pair of jeans & headed BACK to Lynchburg to get him. When all was said & done, it was after 10pm when we finally got home. Yep, it was just one of those days!!!


Sandee said...

Just how many deer can one hunter get in a season? And how many freezers do you have to own to hold all that meat? I can't even imagine it!
I bet you will enjoy being home for a few days while Clay's car is out of commission! I think one of your boys should become a mechanic!
(Is there such a thing as a professional hunter? Hmmmm)

Amy said...

Well, Michael has got his limit until doe days come in. LOL We have two chest styl freezers & an upright out in Clay's building. And I tell ya, Jon is pretty handy when it comes to working on things....he seems to be a pretty good 'Jack-of-all-trades'.....he loves to hunt & fish, he can work on mechanical things AND he's a pretty dang good artist....oh, & he's gotten pretty good on the guitar too here lately.

Sandee said...

You and Clay can certainly pat yourselves on your backs.... job well done with all your kids! I am in awe of every one of your kids. (And you too, by the way!)