Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yesterday & Today.......

Rocky looked so sweet & peaceful snoozing in the warm sunshine....

I had a 'God Moment' yesterday afternoon......the boys had gone hunting, Ashley was upstairs taking a 3 hour practice SAT test & so the house was really quiet.....just me & Alli down here with the Christmas music playing softly in the background....she was toting water back & forth to the living room filling up the big water pot that sits on top of the wood stove & I was in the kitchen chopping onions & peppers for the chili I was making & it just kind of dawned on me...............this is what it's gonna feel like NEXT year this time with Ashley away at school................ It was just kind of like, OH! I'm so gonna miss that girl when she goes off to school. *sniff, sniff*

Just a pretty picture of our supper last night.....chili & corn bread. Yum!

Rocky had hopped up on the couch today for a little snooze & for some reason Alli decided he 'needed' all his toys with him for comfort, I suppose. Anyway, I just thought it was too cute of a picture to pass up.

I've been working on finishing up some of my Christmas projects. I started on this yummy lap afghan a few months back & was just getting around to putting the finishing touches on it this afternoon. I've been so inspired by this new 'Hooky' blog I found called Attic24

She really does the most amazing work.....she especially rocks the Granny Squares. Be sure & check out her blog. Lots of eye candy....you won't be sorry!!

So, I've been totally 'wrapped up' (ha!ha!) in my crocheting since stumbling across this new blog. Was so pleased with myself for finishing up this project....because now I'm wanting to start on some new stuff. Think I'm gonna give her striped Grannies a go....gonna practice with some dish cloths....they should be just the perfect size for practicing.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I just wanted to show this one off. Hoping the recipiant will enjoy snuggling with this little blankie. It is the softest yarn I've felt in a long time & the name makes it all the better......It's called 'Chocolate Cupcake'. Mmmmmm!


Well, along with all my crocheting.....we managed to get the house decorated today. I was SO glad that Ashley pulled her nose from the books long enough to help us decorate! We had the Christmas tunes cranking & we were totally lost in the magic of Christmas! Such an awesome time of year!!


Sandee said...

Your afghan is beautiful... it needed showing off!

Sherri said...

Rocky is so cute!!!