Sunday, March 02, 2008

Book Reviews

OK....I've been asked to do a book review of some of the books I've been reading. Below, I've pictured the three that I'm reading right now. They are all part of a series of here we go.'The Quilter's Homecoming' by Jennifer Chiaverini is book #10 in her Elm Creek Quilt series. A Roaring Twenties adventure unfolds in this book that 'neatly stitches together social drama & the art of quilting'. Other books in this series are:
1. The Quilter's Apprentice
2.Round Robin
3. The Cross Country Quilters
4. The Runaway Quilt
5. The Quilter's Legacy
6. The Master Quilter
7. The Sugar Camp Quilt
8. The Christmas Quilt
9. The Circle of Quilter's
10. The Quilter's HOmecoming
11. The New Year's Quilt
I LOVE these books....lots of adventure, history & of course plenty of quilting.
As I've said many times before...I LOVE ANYTHING written by Beverly Lewis. Her books are ALL wonderful, full of adventure & even a little mystery. Strongly rooted in the Plain life of the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. 'October Song' was written because of the pleas of so many of her devoted readers......kind of like a follow-up on some of the characters from other series like 'The Shunning' & 'The Redemption of Sarah Cain' you'd want to read those first.

'The Sacrifice' is book #3 in the series Abram's Daughters. (From the inside cover) The Abram's Daughters saga encompasses the lives of three generations of Ebersols, an Amish family of Lancaster County, PA. Opening with 'The Covenant' at the end of WWII & continuing into the fifties with 'The Betrayal', the stories of Leah & Sadie Ebersol show their very different choices with consequences that have left them many miles apart, both physically & emotionally. The books in this series include:
1. The Covenant
2. The Betrayal
3. The Sacrifice
4. The Prodigal
5. The Revelation

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