Monday, March 10, 2008

Country Life

'Creek beds & apple orchards are all places where wonder begins. We need only to join our children, get right down on our hands & knees, in order to see the miracle of God's creation.

It's just too easy in the modern-day culture to lose our touch with nature...nature's rhythms get lost in the shuffle of livin'.

For me, I can't imagine marchin' to another beat- the drumbeat of the city- spending day after day inside, breathing second-hand air, awash in artificial white lights, bounded by concrete & glass & whatnot all. Outdoors is where a body can let thoughts wander to high heavens!'

~~excerted from 'October Song' by Beverly Lewis

I read this after going to DC last week & it just seemed to sum up perfectly how I felt while there & how glad I was to get out & away from the city. And even after spending the weekend down in NC with Clay's folks.....their little house in a cramped up neighborhood, the huge mall & fast-paced city.....I was so glad to get home & happy even, this morning, to go out in the cold to get some firewood for the fire! Oh, the little joys of country life!! ;-)


FatcatPaulanne said...

Ahh. Home.

I'm jealous of your fire. I love the smell of wood smoke.

Anonymous said...
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