Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Just wanted to wish Aunt Linda a Happy Birthday today! I think she's 39. ;-) If you are reading this, I hope you have a GREAT day. Eat a piece of cake for me!!
Well, being a cold, nasty day yesterday & nowhere to go....I actually got a lot of scrapping done! Yay me!!Pics of Clay with his big 10 pt that he shot up at Mason's hunting cabin back in December. I stole the title from Wanda....her hubby hunts too & she is always referring to him as the 'Mighty Hunter'. I loved it & thought it would be the perfect title for this page. So, thanks Miss Wanda for the inspiration!!
Pics from our blustery, windy day we had back in Feb.....where we had fires burning around us & lost our power for 18 hours.

Clay & the boys at the Sportsman's Show over in Fishersville last month. Pics with a couple of their favorite TV hunting celebs....Lee & Tiffany...'Gettin' Close' LOVE this pic that Ashley took of her flip-floppy feet in the SNOW back in January! Ha!!


lpwcubby said...

Thanks for the b'day wish. You are close - 40 and holding
About 80 here in Clearwater today and having a wonderful time!

Love you

Robin said...

I love that layout of Ashely's flip flop feet in the snow..that is something my nephew would do. He loves his flip flops and you have to fight him in the winter to put on real shoes. Love all your layouts...hopefully soon we'll be able to upload to our gallery again. I have some I did this weekend that I haven't taken time to take pics of yet, but maybe tonight.