Friday, March 14, 2008

Yet another Bee-yooo-tee-ful day today. I know I've been saying that all week, but today REALLY was nice.....about 71 degrees. Couldn't wait to get home from getting groceries & sit outside & enjoy the sunshine! The kids played outside ALL afternoon......playing frisbee & volley ball, fishing & reading & riding their bikes.I actually scrapped some this evening too. Did the pictures of Alli & Cori celebrating her 10th BD Monday at Maw's house. I crocheted the blanket for her so she'd have one just like I made for Alli & Anna.
And BTW....For those wondering about what Ashley named her Kitty sculpture......she named it Annie. Sorry Kaye, but she said she couldn't name it Pierre because it's NOT a boy. Clay said she should name it 'Skinny' because it is just like a silhouette.....well, that got me to thinking & so I typed 'skinny' into the Thesaurus to see what ideas we might come up with and right at the top of the list was anorexic.................So.........Annie is short for anorexic. ;-P


Kaye said...

I still think it should be named "Pierre." ;-)

Amy said...

How's this.......she says her name can be Annie Pierre! Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

Kaye said...

I like it!!!