Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was outside vacuuming & washing the van this afternoon when Mason came riding up on his scooter. He had come over to bring these critters to Ashley & Alli. He has his own welding shop at his house & is so talented with his creations. He said he made these for the girls since he has given the boys treasures pocket knives & hatchets. He made the grasshopper for Alli out of a RR spike & she named him 'Pokey'. Ashley hasn't decided on a name for her kitty yet. So, I was hoping my faithful blog readers would give us some your names for Ashley's kitty cat & then we will look them over & choose a name.


Kaye said...

How cute!!!

Obviously, the cat should be named Pierre!!!!! :-)

A Bishops wife said...

These are really cute. I love the grasshopper.

I have just popped in for the first time. Nice blog.

Amy said...

Duh......why didn't we think of Pierre? That's the perfect name!