Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Baby Kittens

We are in the midst of Birthing 101 in the corner of our living room right now. Our big ole fat Calico cat is having her kittens....2 so far...one yellow one & one calico that looks just like her. The kids are so excited! We just KNEW last night that it wouldn't be long at all.....she was about to bust a gut to come inside.....first at the front door, then the back door, peeking in the window. Anyway, the kiddos are all wrapped us in this right now & there's no pulling them away. Dana, this IS Biology class, right?!

We had a really fun day yesterday. Dropped by with the girls to visit Maw for a bit & took her some spaghetti & salad to have for her supper. Then we picked up Chris & went to Barnes & Noble, Old Navy & Target. I had to return some things to Old Navy & ended up getting some flip-flops in plcae of the stuff I returned. After a bit of shopping we headed up to the Dollar Theater to see 'Enchanted'. Loved this....really cute & one that I'd like to have in my collection. Just a good movie to stick in from time to time.....total Chick Flick. And to top the fun day off, we got Vitos Pizza for supper. Aunt Linda had sent us money when Grandpa Bunner died & told us to get pizza in his honor....so we did just that! A nice ending to a fun afternoon.


Kaye said...

KITTENS?????? I love kittens. You can name them Pierre1, Pierre2, Pierre3, etc. LOL!

Sherri said...

I loved Enchanted so much!!!!
Have fun with the kittens!!

Amy said...

Don't you NEED a kitten, Sherri? I'm sure we could mail you one! ;-)

FatcatPaulanne said...

Wow! That's a great biology class. How exciting!

I want to see Enchanted, but haven't yet.