Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Snippets

Realized that I had a few pics on my camera that needed to be added, so this morning is just a bunch of snippets from here & yonder. First of all, while it's on my mind.......Kaye, the book I'm reading now is 'Where My Heart Belongs' by Tracie Peterson. A new author to me, but so far it's good!Spring is definitely here!! Took this pic last Saturday out in the front field.
Jon showing off the checks he got from selling his furs! This goes in the 'Rifle Fund'.

MaLady and her five newborn kittens.

Took these pics of Jon & Michael last night. They spent all afternoon/evening working on these bows & arrows. They made their bows using good sturdy sticks & bungee cords. Then for the arrows they cut branches from a bush & whittled the ends down to a point. Very creative, if you ask me. Then set up an old sand bag for some target practice. They say they are going to shoot frogs now down at the pond. ;-P


Kaye said...

First of all, LOOK AT THE KITTENS!!!! They are so adorable! Take more pictures of them and post them for me, ok?

Congrats to Jon for selling his furs. That's so cool.

My boys love to make bows out of sticks. They made a HUGE bow last summer. It was so funny watching them. We really should get our kids together. They would have a great time together.

I'm reading 'Basket Case' by Carl Hiassen.

Oh, Amy, I got the sweetest card from your mom yesterday. It made me cry. Tell her I said THANK YOU!

Amy said...

I know we DO need to get together!!! Let me know when you're coming. ;-)

And I'll definitely take pics of the kittens & post them from time to time. You can have the pick of the litter. Just let me know which one you want!

I'll be sure & tell mom you got her card. I think she sent one to your mom too. It really touched a chord I think....same time of year & all that Pop died.