Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Wish.....

I've been following Nate & Tricia's blog-Confessions of a CF Husband-for some time now. (Check out my blog links to the right) Nate's dad was my youth pastor many moons ago when I was a teen-ager & now my cousin goes to his's that for a 'Small World'? was posted on their blog, that they wanted Moms to post their wishes for Tricia & Baby Gwenyth....things that we hope she gets to experience & enjoy as a new mom. So, here goes.....

I wish....
* that you can be a stay-at-home-mom & enjoy every second of your time with Gwenyth
* going into her room at night, after a stressful day & seeing her sleeping like an angel
* Singing 'Little Bunny Foo-Foo' (or whatever song) over & over & over AND OVER AGAIN!!
* A total two-yr. old melt down in Walmart because she can't get a gum-ball out of the machine
* Listening to her scream all the way home in the car because you lost the only paci you had with you....ALWAYS carry several with you! Ha!
* Mud puddles to stomp in
* Dandelion boquets
* Lots of hand-made cards & goodies to cover up your frige.
* Potty-training fun--She'll do it when SHE'S ready....don't push it!
* Peace to leave the dusting/vacuuming/laundry, etc. to 'play' with Gwenyth. They grow up much too fast!!!!

And last, but most certainly not least.......
* that you get to pray the sinner's prayer with your precious little girl & lead her to Jesus! Nothing could be more awesome!!

Now my Challenge to all your blogging mommies...
If you are reading this and you are a mommy, I encourage you (for fun) to do something like this for Tricia on your blog. Tell her all the special, frustrating, wonderful moments that you hope she gets to experience just because she's a mommy now too.

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