Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cousin to Cousin...

Church this morning & then home to just hang out for the afternoon. It was really nice outside, so the kids took their sandwiches out on the quilt again today for another picnic lunch. I joined them & read for awhile....finished up reading 'The Sacrifice'. Now I will read on the second Harry Potter until I can get to the library to get the last book in the 'Abram's Daughters' series.
Seems like both girls & I have been on a scrapping jag these last few days. We've all been scrapping away. Below is a LO that I did yesterday......all the girl cousins taken last weekend in NC. It says...'Cousin to cousin we will always be. Special friends from the same family tree.' The two on each end are Steph's (Clay's sister) twin girls that just turned 16 this week. L-R is Brittany(16) Caitlin(14) Alli(9) Ashley(14) & Christie(16).

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FlippyHolz said...

Aww wouldn't it have been fun to have a photo like that of allll of us (you, Sar, Wen, Nette, Chelle, me...) Mom probably has something somewhere but it would be so cool to have it like your LO!