Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Just had to share...I thought it was so funny last night at supper....everyone was so tickeld to get to eat 'REAL FOOD' for a change! Ha! As opposed to all the Dominoes pizza, KFC & McDonald's they had been fed all weekend long. They were in hog-heaven with grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, salad, mac/cheese & corn bread. ;-)

Busy, busy today...still trying to get caught up on laundry from the weekend plus clean up this house a little bit. And we were gone all day yesterday too, so that didn't help. Was up at 6:30 this morning...took Chris to class...did a little running around/shopping while I waited on him....he only had two classes & not worth it to drive all the way home & back again. Ran into Michael's & picked up some yarn for Ashley.....had a 40% coupon so it was only $1.25. Then I went to Old Navy.....found some tank tops for Ashley for $1.99, Ts for Jon to put away for his BD for $1.99, plus a pj shirt for me...also $1.99. When I went to pay, the girl did a price adjustment for me for the PJ pants I had bought the other week & I ended up paying $6 for about $12 worth of stuff! WooHoo! Then I hit AC Moore to get the new 'Take Ten' card book that Ashley & I wanted......I had a 50% coupon for there so I got that for $7! I was really tickled with all my bargains today!!

Now, I'm waiting to switch out loads of laundry....I really SHOULD be in there folding what's already been washed, but hey.....I needed a little break. It's SO nice outside....lower 60s! The kids are outside playing...barefooted, I might add...Hee!Hee! Jon is down at the pond fishing. Sheets are on the line drying.....love how they will smell when I put them back on the bed this evening!
Here are a few pictures from out party yesterday & then of the cousins over the weekend.....
Alli & Cori.....opening up Cori's BD presents.....it was her 10th BD.....big double digits!
Cori with the afghan I crocheted for her. She had wanted one like I made for Alli & Anna.

Daniel was listening to cds with Ashley...sitting in the back of our van. He was SO cute.....can't remember when we've laughed so hard. He LOVES HSM......even says he wants his hair cut like Troy's. Ha! His favorite song is 'Getchya Head in the Game' and he knows all the words too....was singing right along not missing a beat! Too much for just 3 yrs. old!

Pictures from NC......Jon, Hunter & Michael

Brittany, Caitlin, Alli, Ashley & Christie
Christie, Brittany, Alli, Ashley & Caitlin


Kaye said...

Wow! Y'all have been BUSY. It took me awhile to catch up on all your happenings!

Amy said...

Hey Stranger! So, glad to see you back & posting!!